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Before You Purchase a Puppy


Breeding Boston Terriers

A labor of love!

Every prospective puppy parent should research the Boston Terrier breed and the Boston Terrier breeder. We did when we purchased our Boston Terriers.

We'll leave the breed research to you (although please read about Boston Terrier health concerns and our health guarantee on the page for this site entitled "health guarantee"), but we wanted to tell you a little bit about why we breed Boston Terriers and who we are as breeders.

Although describing a breeding philosophy should be a simple task, most of the literature produced by experts in the field seems to categorize breeders as either a) professionals or b) backyard novices. This makes purchasing a puppy a scary proposition. We want to take the acommpanying fear out of the process for you.

There is very little written about the breeder who assumes the middle ground, i.e., breeders who are devoted to producing healthy, happy family pets, but who have little interest in engaging in the  world of showing Boston Terriers. We love reading about the breed and watching shows when we can, but we want to be at home on the farm, where we and our Boston Terriers are happiest. 

This middle ground is where Daisy Hill resides. We are incredibly attentive to health concerns, genetic screening, and caring for our Boston Terriers in our home. After all, they are our family. No one here grows up in a kennel, no matter how fancy or well-planned. Our dogs rule the house, participate in every part of our daily lives, and sleep in our bed at night, hogging every inch of space and every corner of every blanket.

Some dog experts would thus categorize us at "kitchen breeders". Untrue. Additionally, we are not a "puppy mill". At present we have one sire and two dams. There are no secret cages concealing whimpering, abused dogs in a shed in our backyard. Rest assured of that. As you read, our dogs are likely working with us outside on the apple farm, engaged in some kind of spontaneous, group game, or curled up and snoring in their baskets by our wood stove. 

So, despite the sometimes negative literature about home breeders, we care deeply about breeding only those Boston Terriers who are most likely to be free from breed-related defects, who have outstanding temperaments, and who are good, if not perfect, examples of appropriate Boston Terrier breed type. 

Bottom line: If you want a Boston Terrier specifically bred for show, please contact a Boston Terrier show dog breeder. You might get lucky with one of our pups for showing, because we do select breeding Bostons from championship lines. However, we are specifically breeding to produce the total pet package: Great health, good looks, and that ultimately affectionate, happy-go-lucky, clownish temperament for which Boston Terriers are most famous.

Please continue reading below to learn about how we care for our Bostons Terriers' health and the health of your new puppy.

Healthcare and Health Screening

Our Vet is Our Best Friend...

We are not the ultimate health experts on our dogs. Our vet is. Because we know there are things we don't know about breeding, we rely on our vet to help us make informed and honest decisions about our breeding program. 

For instance, we have a stunning male we purchased a few years ago. We were hoping to breed him, but he had a herniated bellybutton. Our vet informed us this is a hereditary trait. So, we had the hernia repaired and neutered him at the same time. We were happy to make this decision, because it means you will have less to worry about with your pup. 

Our standard is to screen your puppy's parents for the following health concerns: JHC (a hereditary type of cataracts that can cause early blindness in Bostons), faulty patellar structure, and bilateral hearing issues. These are the primary, genetically linked faults related to Bostons. Experts clearly state that genetics are complicated, and that testing every know allele for every possible concern is not realistic.

Therefore, as a note of caution, there is always that slim chance that your puppy (no matter what the breed or who the breeder) will have a genetically undesirable trait that we cannot foresee. We provide a health guarantee for every puppy that they will not have JHC. 

Finally, continue reading below to find out about your puppy's early healthcare records and what you will receive in your puppy's paperwork and puppy pack.

Your Boston Terrier Puppy

The Entire Package

In addition to the health screenings our vet performs on your puppy's parents, please find below information on your puppy's early healthcare and what paperwork and items you should expect to receive with your new best friend. 

Your Boston Terrier puppy comes with his or her first vet administered vaccinations and veterinary exam. Puppy's vet exam will be performed very close to the date that you pick up or your puppy or directly before we ship your puppy to you on United.

We also de-worm your puppy at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks. (Worms are a common part of any dog's life. Your vet will help you to prevent tapeworm and heartworm with flea and heartworm medications and to check for other types of common parasites on a regular basis.) 

In your puppy pack, you will receive: a week's supply of our puppy food (Royal Canin), in order to make transitioning to your choice of dog food easy for your baby, a small supply of NuVet vitamin supplements, a blanket with mom's scent on it, and a chew toy or two.

Your paperwork will include:

  1. Your puppy's Boston Terrier AKC registration papers. [Unless we and you agree  that full registration is appropriate in your case, registration papers will be for "limited registration" with AKC. This means you plan to spay or neuter your Boston, and that you understand you will not be able to register any puppies with AKC, should you have a litter.] 

  2.  Your puppy's early health record indicating dates your puppy was wormed and dates for first vaccinations.

  3. A record of the microchip number for your puppy and how to register it.

  4. JHC screening paperwork for the parents of your puppy (the other tests are performed by our vet, not a lab). 

  5. Copies of your puppy's parents' AKC pedigrees.

  6. A copy of your signed health guarantee and purchase agreement. 

  7. A number of helpful reference materials on Boston Terriers and on raising a well-adjusted puppy in general. 

separately to prevent misplacement of these important documents by the airline. 

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