United PetSafe Grounded

United Airlines is no longer accepting reservations for Boston Terriers and other short-nosed breeds.

We are personally able to deliver your puppy or meet you at a predetermined location at a distance of up to 250 miles. We charge $1 per mile for the one way portion of the journey.

Additionally, there are now a number of ground-service, pet delivery companies. We are happy to work with you to select a safe service for your puppy. 

Finally, we are able to meet you at the Albuquerque (ABQ) airport, should you wish to fly in to pick up your puppy for return to home with puppy in-cabin. Most airlines allow for up to 5 pets in-cabin on most flights. We charge a flat fee of $100 to deliver a puppy to the airport. (We live 120 miles from ABQ - the closest major airport.)




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